About Us

Smart Towns:  A new, smart way to learn!

  • Smart Towns is a lifelong learning program for everyone in the community led by educational organizations in Rochester, Rochester Hills and Oakland Township, Michigan. The Smart Towns ‘partners’ work together to provide a unique series of programs exploring one theme or topic for one year. Lectures, presentations and courses introduce the participants to all aspects of the topic and are presented by experts in their respective fields of study.

  • The Smart Towns programs are offered from January - November at all partner locations: Ascension Crittenton Hospital, Meadow Brook Hall, Oakland University, Rochester College, Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen Farm, and Rochester Hills Public Library.

  • Enigma of Genius: A genius is a uniquely talented individual who uses exceptional, sometimes mysterious intellectual ability to achieve new advances in everything from the arts to science and technology. Leonardo da Vinci imagined man flying in the 15th century - today NASA’s InSight robotic lander is exploring Mars. American medical researcher Dr. Jonas Salk found a cure for Polio in 1953. Today IBM’s Watson uses artificial intelligence to diagnose cancer. New technology is everywhere – robots are changing the face of manufacturing while underwater drones monitor water quality. In the creative arts Michelangelo, Picasso and Bach enrich our lives while inspiring modern visionaries like Jeff Koons and Manuel Lin Miranda.

  • Come join Smart Towns 2019 for the Enigma of Genius. Celebrate many of the brilliant creators and their achievements of the past and present. The spectrum of genius is unlimited!